My Start In Building a Brand

Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on Unsplash

As a kid, I aspired to be Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark.

No joke. I wanted to be the guy who had all these crazy gadgets — a literal billionaire… this is probably also why I gravitated towards Iron Man when I got into Marvel at age 5 as well.

A billionaire playboy philanthropist was my life goal at 5 years of age.

It still kind of is, to be honest… with slight variations.

So I went through school, went to college at California State University, Fullerton, and received my degree in business because I was looking for the key to that kind of success.

You don’t *find* it in college.

While business gave me the knowledge of concepts and operations, that wasn’t enough to provide value to a business.

So, I was drawn to a segment of my school that was innovative: Entrepreneurship.

The Journey Towards Today

My school had an entrepreneurship program in which others built businesses and even sold startups out of.

I was naturally drawn to it.

Yet I lost my way for a time. I picked a job and said, “I just need money, for the time being, then I can start my business”.

I started working for a Rental Car company in January of 2016.

3 years of unhappiness and EVERYONE could see it at that job. I learned so much about myself from it, and I realized my true purpose in life.

On January of 2019, I decided I couldn’t work there anymore. So I quit and started my own thing.

I always had a fascination with products, as I worked in grocery retail prior to that. At that job, I worked every position I was allowed: in every department.

I was the Jack of All Trades and frequently called that. You know people admire/respect you when they give you a nickname like that.

So I decided to use this to channel the aspiring entrepreneur within me.

I very quickly realized that branding and idea generation was my thing. It made sense: I loved my stories, video game lore, Marvel/DC comics, and more.

So I set out to build a brand instinctively, without knowing that THAT was the game in entrepreneurship.

Building the Brand Series

I decided to create a Building the Brand series so that others can watch our journey and how we will grow the brand.

I have no knowledge or experience in starting a business, but I’ve been loving every minute of learning it.

This is everything I ever wanted and more. It has forced me to embrace adversity, judgment, and more.

You can watch my first episode here:

A little choppy introductory episode; I’ve gotten better :)

While our first videos always suck, I’m going to keep them so everyone can watch the journey unfold.

Building the Brand will be a huge series on the development of two brands: Reforged and The Yargh.

Reforged is my personal purpose-filled project of personal development: mind and body performance for the modern-day warrior. We want to be the Catalyst to one’s greatest potential.

The Yargh is my business partner’s passion project for humor, positivity, and adventure. People set sail with us on a journey full of euphoria, elation, or happiness.

You can see here that they both are to improve mental health and happiness… sparking the minds that will change the world.

That is my mission.

Thanks for reading everyone, look forward to serving others to live a life of happiness.

Now, let’s go out there and seize our day.

I write about Physical, Mental, and Metaphysical Health for Men. IG: @ibtonyg